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Italian Insurance Company Sace supports Iranians in all economic fields and some 14 Italian banks declared they are keen on business with Iran, managing director of Rome International Exhibition Company Pic Cinetti said on Tuesday.

Pic Cinetti made the remarks in a meeting with deputy head of Iran International Exhibitions Joint Stock Company for exhibition affairs Mohammad Javad Qanbari.

Cinetti stressed the need for preparing necessary banking infrastructure for Iranian producers’ presence in Italy.

Italy was present in Iran in the past three years and Italian companies came to Iran even before Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), he said, noting, ‘We have organized Italy Specialized Exhibition in Iran each year.’

Italy is the first European country which hosted Iran’s Exclusive Exhibition and this reveals the two countries’ confidence in each other and their strategic relations.

Deputy head of Iran International Exhibitions Joint Stock Company for exhibition affairs, Mohammad Javad Qanbari, for his part, said that First Iran Exclusive Exhibition will be held in Rome from November 22-26.

Italy has participated actively in the Iranian exhibitions in the past several years of sanctions and has also organized exclusive exhibition in the country each year, he said, noting that sincere cooperation caused better relations between the two countries’ companies in times of sanctions.

This year Iran is to take part in 12 international exhibitions, six exclusive and six specialized, he said, noting that specialized exhibitions will be held in Italy, Turkey, Oman, Tanzania, Kenya and Iraq.

Italy was considered Iran’s closest trade partner in the not so distant past, as the value of their exchanges had reached 7.5 billion euro a year but the figure fell to 1.4 billion euro in years of sanctions.

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi visited Tehran in mid April at the head of a 250-member political and economic delegation.

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