Ambassador: Denmark ready to solve fresh water problem in Iran

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Ambassador of Denmark in Iran said his country is ready to solve the problem of fresh water in Iran with the cooperation of a Danish company active in the field of supplying fresh water.

Danny Annan, in a meeting with members of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture of Zanjan Province further remarked that Denmark has no problem in the field of water and sometimes has surplus rainfall.
He said in recent years his country has achieved many technologies with the help of which it can solve water problem in Iran, Zanjan in particular.
The ambassador said that the role the representative office of the Foreign Ministry plays in Zanjan is highly important and crucial in providing further information for foreign embassies in Tehran.
Stressing that this is his first visit out of Tehran, he said apparently there are great opportunities in the mining sector for which further communications can be held between Iranian and Danish companies.
The ambassador noted that Danish companies are looking at the Iranian market but there is the challenge of market evaluation and high tariffs. He added that licensed production with the participation of Iranian industrial units and Danish technical know-how can be a good mechanism for the removal of the problem.
Referring to the efforts of Russia to use the dairy production capacity of Zanjan, he said if Denmark and Iran find the opportunity for mutual cooperation in this regard, dairy products favored by the Russians can be produced as well.

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