Ambassador: JCPOA opens new chapter for regional cooperation

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Iran’s Ambassador to Kabul Mohammad Reza Bahrami said on Sunday that implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action will open a new chapter for enhanced relations and cooperation with the regional countries.

He said in an exclusive interview with IRNA that termination of the arbitrary sanctions proved that adopting rationality, interaction and dialogue bears fruit to put an end to political pressures.
Securing the country’s nuclear rights and removal of economic sanctions should be considered as significant achievements in the contemporary era, Bahrami said.
The Iranian ambassador congratulated the Iranian nation on the victory and said it will uphold Iran’s status in the world of diplomacy.
Implementation of the JCPOA also put an end to Iranophobia masterminded by the enemies to isolate the country and prevent Iran from attaining its real status in the region and the globe, he said.
Iran can now play its significant role to deal with the regional issues such as fight against terrorism, extremism, drug-trafficking as well as probable threats, he said.
Removal of economic sanctions will improve standard of living and prepare grounds for a breakthrough for national economy, he said.

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