Austrian chamber of commerce chairman encourages investment in Iran

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President of Austrian Chamber of Commerce Christophe Leitl in an interview with Austrian Daily Kleine Zeitung encouraged the European companies investment in Iran in peace of mind.

He told the paper on Saturday that sanctions on Iran were removed, creating opportunity which should be used by the European firms to go ahead with trade and economic ties with Iran.
Leitl expressed hope that Austrian companies would develop cooperation with Iranian partners, saying that in the aftermath of lifting the sanctions, Iran has a dynamic economic situation and it can find the best economic partners for itself in the global community.
He said that economic sanctions on Iran dealt a heavy blow to its economy, but Austria thanks to its excellent relations with Iran, would have been a firm partner in difficult times.
Christophe Leitl and his Iranian counterpart Mohsen Jalalpour signed eight Memorandums of Understanding worth over 2 billion dollars in the field of automobile, steel industry, medicine and engineering services in Vienna on March 31, 2016.

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