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Head of South Korean KB Regional Group in UAE Han Hung Son said that big Korean companies are ready for investment in Iran.

He made the remarks in a meeting with Iran’s Consul General Ali Reza Bahrami on Wednesday, which took place following a meeting between the two countries’ chief consuls where the Korean official had voiced hic country’s great interest in presence in Iran.

During the meeting, Bahrami referred to the two countries’ good cooperation in various areas, saying that Iran given its unique location in the region is a good medium for foreign economic activists and investors, particularly South Koreans, to enter the Central Asian and European markets.

Hang Hun Son, for his part, expressed pleasure with the agreement reached between Iran and six world powers and removal of sanctions.

He also presented report on the activities of 20 companies operating on the holding.

KB is operating in various fields including environment, oil pipes and electric cables, he said, hoping that the holding would inaugurate representative office in Iran in a near future.

KB was set up in South Korea in 1955 which has made major investments in China, Japan, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, India and UAE.

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