CBI Governor predicts boost in exports in post-sanctions era

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Governor of Central Bank Valiollah Seif said on Sunday that Iran would encourage investment in producing sector and boost exports to countries of the region in post-sanctions era.

He made the remarks in a meeting with Luxembourg Parliament Speaker Mars Di Bartolomeo.
Seif said that implementation of JCPOA would prepare appropriate grounds for expansion of cooperation with European banks.
He said that there are two stages for promotion of banking ties including restoring relations with foreign banks and the trade and industrial sectors as well.
The governor said that countries and banks have already singled out and necessary coordinations have been made with European countries to develop cooperation with Iranian banks and the time has come to begin the work.
Reciprocal confidence is a prelude for a long term relations, Seif said, adding that Iran intends to establish long-term and sustainable ties with world countries on mutual interests.
Considering similarities and capacities of Iran and Luxembourg, the two countries would work together as complementary, he added.
Director of international affairs of Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, who visited Iran last June said that developing ties of the Iranian and Luxembourg banking services, steel industry, transportation, information technology, computer, infrastructure and direct flight between the two countries are on the agenda which will be carried following cancellation of sanctions.
Luxembourg is the most important banking center in the Euro zone.

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