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Iran’s Ambassador to France referred to age-old Iran-France relations which were severed some 10 years due to unjustly imposed sanctions, saying its time for French firms return to Iran and adding that Peugeot is a trustworthy partner for Iran auto industry.

Ali Ahani said in an interview with the French radio station RTL that president Hassan Rouhani’s recent visit of France had very important objectives in political, economic, and cultural fields.

‘The Iranian president’s visit was actually a green light to the entire political. Economic and cultural sectors indicate that rapid action is required since a very appropriate and satisfactory opportunity has now emerged in which securing both nations’ interests is possible,’ he added.

Referring to the two countries’ historical relations and their shared interests and needs to one another, Ahani said that Iran is an independent country with unique capabilities and potentials, especially in energy field.

‘We welcome the contributions of European partners, especially France and keep in mind that with its 80 million strong population and access to regional markets, the Iranian economy in the post-sanctions era is quite a golden opportunity,’ he said.

Ambassador Ahani added that the French companies enjoy a good status in Iran and the presidential delegation’s visit can be regarded as a positive sign for Iran’s will to give priority to them, especially judged by the good amount of documents signed with the French industries during that visit.

He also referred to Iran’s new policies for working with the French automobile industry giants the Peugeot and Citroen, arguing that in the framework of those policies both countries can benefit greatly from this interaction.

‘Those two French companies are trustworthy partners for the Iranian automobile industries,’ he added.

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