Envoy: Oman to cooperate with Qeshm Island on oil, gas swap, tourism

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Oman Ambassador to Tehran Saud bin Ahmed Khalid al-Birwani said on Sunday that Omani government is willing to develop economic cooperation with Hormuzgan province on oil and gas swap and tourism.

He made the remarks in a meeting with managing director and senior officials of Qeshm Free Zone Organization.
The ambassador said that more than 80 percent of executive works for oil and gas swap from Qeshm Island to Omani port of Sahar have been carried out.
Al-Birwani said that closeness and geographical vicinity between Oman and Iranian Qeshm Island has prepared the ground for trade and swap of oil, gas and tourism cooperation.
Termination of sanctions on Iran in the next 10 days, an opportunity to increase bilateral trade exchanges will emerge, the ambassador said.
Referring to enhanced level of diplomatic ties between Oman and Iran in the past two years, he expressed hope that the new Christian year would be a booming year for trade and comerce.
The ambassador said that the Omani port of Sahar attracted 13 billion dollars foreign investment.
An Omani economic delegation met with managing director of Qeshm Free Zone Organization last September to negotiate establishment of direct shipping lane between Oman and Qeshm Island.
Holding exhibition, formation of cross-border market, exchanging university professors and students, convening conferences on cultural heritage, tourism to draft contracts between Iran and Oman and organizing cultural tours and delivery of medical services for the tourists were among issues discussed in the meeting.
Sultanate of Oman located 60 kilometers south of Qeshm Island.

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