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The first delegation of European Union from the sector of science and technology is due to arrive in Tehran later in the day to discuss with representatives of different bodies about joint venture cooperation in 22 specialized fields.

EU has chosen and introduced Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology as its coordinator for scientific and technology cooperation with Iranian specialized centers.
Deputy Head of IROST for international affairs Mahmoud Moulanejad said that the EU has declared 22 issues for scientific and technology cooperation with Iran and asked IROST for coordination in these fields.
He said that they will explore cooperation in the fields of nano-technology, bio-technology, agriculture, aerospace, finance, small and medium-sized enterprises, research on future, legal aspects of science and technology, new emerging technology, the information and communications technology, entrepreneurship, health and social welfare, food security and the marine research studies.
The roadmap and programs drawn up by 22 Iranian organizations and research centers for cooperation with the EU, will be presented tomorrow.
Moulanejad said that the first joint project between Iran and EU in the framework of joint venture cooperation will be ‘Food for future’.

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