Hammond: London to host a meeting to regulate banking ties with Iran

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British Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond said on Tuesday that a meeting will be held in London later in the day to regulate banking ties with Iran.

Hammond made the remarks in his statement to the House of Commons.

Hammond said that representatives from Central Bank of Iran (CBI), the US Treasury Department and London-based international banks will convene to discuss obstacles on the way of banking interaction with Iran.

Hammond said that he and his colleagues would make every effort to help Iran take advantage of a nuclear deal it reached with world powers a year ago.

IRNA learned that CBI chief Valiollah Seif is scheduled to attend the meeting.

In a meeting with senior officials from British and European banks in London in May, US Secretary of State John Kerry assured that there is no problem for resuming banking interactions with Iran under the terms of a nuclear deal reached in July 2015.

Iran implemented the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action last January and expects the other parties to honour their commitments to lifting sactions.

Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif decried Washington’s procrastination over authorizing online exchange of dollar-to-euro to be made by the US Secretary of Treasury.

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