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The landing of Iran’s first purchased Airbus (A321) in the capital’s international airport has paved the way for the country’s flag-carrier airline – Iran Air to resume cooperation with the Airbus Company after 38 years, a senior Iranian official said.

Speaking in a ceremony held here on the Thursday to mark the landing of Iran’s first purchased aircraft from Airbus in post-sanctions era, the Iran Air Managing Director Farhad Parvaresh said that his company purchased 2 airplanes from Airbus Company in 1994.

Parvaresh referred to landing of the aircraft as a positive outcome of Iran’s nuclear deal with world powers which came the result of collective efforts.

‘Delivery of the new aircraft will breathe a new life into Iranian air fleet and it will prepare the grounds for us to take the most advantage of Iran Air fleet,’ he added.

Iran’s first purchased Airbus ‘A321’ in the post-sanction era landed in the capital’s Mehrabad International Airport on Thursday morning.

Minister of Road and Urban Development Abbas Akhundi and his deputies, head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Ali Akbar Salehi and a number of parliament members took part in the event.

This is the first 190-Airbus Iran receives according to a contract which had been signed by President Hassan Rouhani during his visit to Paris last year. Upon finalization of the contract, Iran Air is to purchase 100 planes from Airbus, the first of which arrived in Iran today.

‘The contract for purchase of the planes was signed by Iran Air and Airbus on the OFAC license and international law and ‘we try to deliver the purchased planes to Iran Air based on the contract; this year, a number of the planes will be delivered to the company,’ the Managing Director of Airbus Company Fabrice Brégier said.

In addition to buying aircraft, the contract also includes items like training courses for pilots, repair and maintenance, air navigation services development, airport operation, exchange of technology and the coordinating regulations for Iran Air.

All the aircraft have been purchased under a hire purchase contract, and Iran Air has supplied 85% of financial resources through foreign finance and 15% through domestic resources as well as the National Development Fund facilities by Bank of Industry and Mine.

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