Iran-Baltic Sea countries to develop joint cooperation in the field of agriculture

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Director General of International Affairs and Specialized Organizations Department of Agricultural Jihad Ministry said that upon 11th government program development of grounds for joint cooperation in agriculture with Baltic Sea countries are on the agenda.

Homan Fathi made the remarks in a meeting with LithuanianAmbassador to Tehran here on Wednesday.

He said that a wide range of consultations have been started by all countries, who are able to cooperate with Iran in some part of agriculture.

Baltic Sea countries have special characters, including taking good advantages of technology in the field of agriculture, meanwhile they are good markets for part of Iranian agricultural products.

Fathi said that good activities have been started with Finland and there were appropriate delegation exchanges between the two countries and Agriculture Minister of Finland is to visit Iran sometime in March.

He added that Lithuania also had been in talks with Iran and the Lithuanian minister of agriculture visited Iran a few week ago.

Cooperation with Poland has been mainly in technology issues and exchanging expert delegations, he added.

He expressed hope for participation of private sector and economic activists in the fields of agriculture and said that it is expected that government officials follow up appropriately goals in the fields of research, exchanging experiences, removing technology needs and investment.

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