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First Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri said that Iran can move about partly the global economy as the world today is after centers which enjoy development conditions.

Speaking at a seminar here on Tuesday evening themed Role of FTZs in Resistive Economy, he said, ‘If we interact with the world with our advantages and have a prudent diplomacy, Iran will turn to be the region’s center of development.’

‘Iran is the only country that can be the center of stability and security. It not only has its own security but also provides security,’ he added.

Jahangiri who opened the 17th Marine Industries Conference (MIC 2015) in Kish Island on Tuesday said that in the post-sanctions era, Iran has to mobilize all of its active forces around economic issues.

He reiterated the role of free trade zones in the development of the country and said Iran wants to turn its Persian Gulf islands to trade and tourism hubs.

Jahangiri also said Iran regards itself responsible for the security of the Persian Gulf.

‘So far we have defended the Persian Gulf as the center of stability and it will be the same in future. This will help all the countries in the region to march toward development with friendly relationships,’ he said

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