Iran offers Denmark to invest in infra-structure and transport sectors

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Minister of Roads and Urban Development Abbas Akhundi in a meeting with Danish Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen on Wednesday called for Denmark partnership in profitable investments in Iranian infra-structure and transport sectors.

Concerning maritime transportation Akhundi said that Iran has a major role in the peace and security of the region adding that Iran has allocated lands for construction of new ports in Persian Gulf and Oman Sea shores.
He called for cooperation on maritime transportation, saying there are plenty of opportunities to cede projects for ports development in Iran.
Akhundi said that cooperation in banking system, civil aviation are offered to Denmark for joint investment.
Denmark Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen said that he held fruitful meetings with Iranian senior officials, especially President Rouhani, and that the negotiations will be a base to develop relations between the two countries.
Jensen said that representatives from 15 big Danish companies are accompanying Denmark delegation.
Referring to geographical distance between the two countries and importance of energy for Denmark, Jensen said that Denmark has 10 percent share in world transportation and is progressive in construction and equipment of large ports in the world, so by lifting the sanctions, there would be large amount of economic activities in Iran.
He said that Denmark is highly experienced in the field of multi-lateral transportation and that in meeting with Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs as well as President Rouhani, he noticed that Iranian government is so eager for economic reforms.
To develop shipping cooperation between Iran and Denmark, representatives of 12 Danish companies active in the field of maritime and ports are working with Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL) and consider ways for developing bilateral cooperation.
Trade between the two countries made noticeable growth in past years rising from 70 million dollars in year 2,000 to more than 225 million dollars in year 2011.
Trade balance between the two countries is negative and Denmark imported 12 million dollars from Iran a year, while it exported 213 million dollars goods and services to Iran.

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