Iran pursues long-term relations with Germany: Minister

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Iran is seeking long term relations with Germany, Minister of Roads and Urban Development Abbas Akhundi said on Wednesday.

In an interview with Stern weekly magazine, he noted that Iran and Europe should propose joint plan for revival of their economic and financial relations and reject US interference.

Iran will pay back its 500 million dollars debt to Germany after release of its assets abroad, Akhundi added.

He urged German banks to coordinate with US officials for revival of ties with Iranian banks, adding that Iran seeks to become a hub for regional transit.

The official said that Iran plans to invest 100 billion US dollars in its infrastructure as a pre-condition fro becoming a hub for the regional transit.

Iran needs 28 billion dollars for modernizing its railway, Akhundi underlined.

German Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel will pay an official visit to Iran in coming weeks to finalize agreements on a number of joint development projects.

Akhoundi who paid a visit to Germany last week, described his meeting with Gabriel as “very constructive” and said the German economy minister will make a trip to Tehran on May 2 to sign the contracts.

The Iranian minister said he and Gabriel held talks on various projects in such fields as rail transport, construction, aviation and development of Iran’s ports

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