Iran’s Trade Opportunities Meeting opened in S. Korea

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Trade Opportunities Meeting of Iran with the presence of hundreds of South Korean institutes opened in Seoul on Thursday.

Over 600 merchants and officials in Korea’s industrial sector investigated information regarding Iranian market and its trade opportunities.

The event, which was held with the contribution of Korea International Trade Association (KITA) and some companies, aims at representing information about Iran to Korean merchants and businessmen.

Korean companies and institutes were also given precise information regarding Iranian customs, investment laws, Iran’s domestic law and any essential legal issue.

It was announced by KITA website on Thursday that lifting crippling sanction imposed on Iran opened Iran’s gate toward other countries, adding that South Korean trade activists should take advantage of the opportunities to prepare themselves to enter Iranian market.

The official news agency of South Korea, Yonhap News Agency announced that covering the news related to Iran’s Trade Opportunities Meeting was today’s most important news programs.

Volume of trade between Iran and Korea was about $6.1b in 2015.

Korea’s exports to Iran were around $6.2b in 2012 which was decreased to $3.7b in 2015.

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