Iraqis expect Iran to become an economic superpower

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Head of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce Syndicate said here on Saturday that nuclear agreement was result of efforts and resistance of Iranian nation and government as well as Supreme Leader’s wisdom as Iraqis expect Iran to become an economic superpower.

In an interview with IRNA on the sidelines a conference of the head of Iraqi chambers of commerce, Fazel al-Hamdami said that the entire pressure imposed by the West, particularly the United States during the past decades has been due to their fear of Iran expanding its hegemony in the region, while the Iranians’ wisdom urged them to yield to Iran’s will.

‘Iran is today not only a powerful country in the region and the world, but a world power benefiting from A to Z of the nuclear technology,’ he said, which ‘will in near future turn into an economic superpower.’

Hamdani said that Iran’s voice will from now on be heard louder, including in the economic field both in the region and in the world.

The head of Iraqi Chambers of Commerce Syndicate, meanwhile, predicted that Iran will be playing a great mediating role in resolving the regional crises from now on.

He added that Iraq will never forget Iran’s assistance in its campaign against terrorism and will therefore remain by Iran’s side as an economic and trade partner.

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