Japan oil companies to resume cooperation with Iran

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An association of Japanese oil companies has decided to resume technical cooperation with Iran’s oil refining industry.

The Japan Cooperation Center, Petroleum, or JCCP, made the decision following the recent lifting of economic sanctions on Tehran.
The center began sending engineers to the Middle East in 1981 after Japan was hit by an oil crisis. They provided technical cooperation in oil refining and distribution.
But the JCCP stopped dispatching personnel to Iran in 2010 after the West stepped up economic sanctions on the country over its peaceful nuclear program.
The center plans to send about 10 experts from wholesalers and engineering companies to Iran in May.
The economic sanctions made it difficult for Iran to carry out repair work on oil refineries because of shortages of imported material.
The center says the Japanese engineers will provide assistance with environmental measures and improving safety.
The center says it hopes that closer relations with Iran will help Japan develop resources and improve its energy security.

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