JCPOA provides best chances to expand marine transportation

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Deputy for the Khazar Shipping Company Syiavosh Padidari said the post-sanction era provides good chances for the company to expand marine transportation capacities.

Speaking in this northern provincial capital city, he said the company is planning to purchase ten ships.

Noting that the company owns the biggest marine transportation fleet in the region, the official said it also provides the most regular exporting services from all northern ports to all Caspian Sea littoral states.

Despite sanctions and other problems that the company has been facing, Padidari stressed, it has kept improving and increasing its services.

He said the company presently owned 350 container for carrying dry goods and 32 freezing containers.

He adde that the company has so far carried over 2,130,000 tons of goods to its export destinations.

Padidari went on to note that the Khazar Shipping Company plays a significant role in stabilizing transportation costs in the region as it accounts for 35 percent of regional transportation.

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