Norwegian envoy calls for developing economic ties with Iran

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In a meeting with Deputy Minister and President of the Organization for Investment, Economic and Technical Assistance of Iran Mohammad Khazaei, Norwegian ambassador to Iran called for developing economic cooperation and removing obstacles.

Norheim Aud Lise expressed Norwegian private and state sectors’ interest in investing in Iran.

Describing the situation and investment potentials in Iran, Khazaei emphasized developing bilateral economic ties in the fields such as monetary fund of both countries like the Oil Revenues Stabilization Fund of Norway with National Development Fund of Iran, pension fund, financial cooperation and banking credit fund, water resources management, fishery and aquaculture.

The imported products from Norway consisted of electrical and electronic devices, refrigerating system equipment, drugs and medical devices, paper, ship engine and fish.

Iran exported oil, chemical products, semi-finished materials, steel products, dried fruit and carpet to Norway.

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