Nourbakhsh: Social Security a reliable partner for foreign investors

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Managing Director of the Social Security Organization Seyed Taqi Nourbakhsh said the organization was a reliable and creditable partner for foreign investors and partners in Iran.

Speaking in a meeting with representatives of the French Vinci Company he said: “SSO has high negotiating power with the government and at the same time enjoys a high turnover.
Announcing that the organization welcomes international cooperation, the official said due to its non-governmental nature it will not be engaged in the state bureaucracy and thus will be one of the most reliable partners for foreign companies and investors.
Nourbakhsh pointed to the operation of 80 hospitals and 350 medical centers belonging to the organization and said Milad Hospital is the largest hospital in Iran and the organization intends to create Milad brand hospitals in the county.
The official proposed the setting up of a project management company with the cooperation of Vinci Company and one of the organization’s affiliated companies for the beginning of the joint cooperation.
He noted that the organization is currently implementing projects worth $25 billion, adding that cooperation with foreign investors for the implementation of the projects and supply of equipment can be followed up in a company which will be jointly established with Vinci.
Meanwhile, Jeremy Staller, Managing Director of Vinci Company, said in France when people speak about Iran all agree that it is a safe country with a historical background, adding that his country can work and cooperate with Iran as a safe country.
He said his company is active in many world countries and its turnover is approximately 38 billion euros and close to 200 thousand people are working in the company.
Hoping for future cooperation with Iran, Staller said one of the activities of his company is building 5-star hotels, adding that through cooperation with companies affiliated to the organization a five-star brand hotel can be created in Iran.

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