Pakistani deputy min.: Time has come to enhance trade with Iran

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Welcoming the lifting all anti-Iran sanctions, Pakistan deputy commerce minister reiterated that time has come for Islamabad to enhance more trade relations with Iran.

In an interview with IRNA on Sunday, Robina Ather said, ‘So the time has come now that we will soon be initiating some discussion with the state bank on how we can proceed on the banking mechanism with Iran.’

The official said, ‘Pakistan Ministry of Commerce has always said that is ready to improve trade relations with Iran once the banking mechanism is established.’

She said the talks are going on regarding opening up of two more border crossing points at Iran-Pakistan border so as soon as the banking mechanism is established and some infrastructure is built over there, the trade activity could be enhanced.

“We have signed the convention on TIR (International Transport of Goods) and Tafatn would be the border post from where we could start our TIR and forward operations soon,” she said.

The Pakistani official said the figure of 5 billion dollars trade between Iran and Pakistan is easily achievable as it is based on some facts which include gas, energy and of course goods trade, but this will not happen in a few months but will take some years.

“I believe having trade of billions of dollars with Iran is not a dream, it is the reality on the ground and in the next few years we will be able to achieve that mark of 5 billion dollars,” she said.

The official said there is a sentiment in Pakistan that trade ties with Iran should be further enhanced, but at the political level some of decisions are difficult to take but for economic decisions of course ‘we always support strengthening of trade with Iran.’

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