Rouhani: Newly emerging Iranian economy of enough internal energy

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President Hassan Rouhani said here on Tuesday Iranian economy is among newly emerging economies with sufficient internal energy, good road connections joint Iran with neighbors, enough educated manpower, and thus ready to host foreign investors.

‘Italy is of special importance for us because it has a good background in Iran, the Iranians have tested the Italian industries and services and that is why they trusted Italy in the past and trust it today,’ said President Rouhani in a meeting with a group of Italian merchants, industrialists and economic activists.

He said that the type of Italian industries matches that of the Iranian industries and Iran is today pursuing a generating economy capable of creating jobs.

‘That is the reason why we attach great importance to small and middle-sized industries, for which the Italians are very famous internationally,’ he said.

He said that Iran and Italy can cooperate in various fields, including the agricultural field which in addition to its economic importance is of humane value.

‘In our vicinity there are countries whose populations are growing rapidly and need foodstuff, which is why the development of Iranian agriculture and its side industries is both important for us and from the humanistic point of the view of great significance,’ he said.

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