Slovenia calls for expansion of economic cooperation with Iran

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Visiting Slovenian Minister of Economic Development and Technology Zdravko Pocivalsek on Monday called for expansion of mutual economic cooperation as well as investment in agricultural sector.

Level of trade exchange between Iran and Slovenia in the past was very low but the figure should register a higher more growth, he said.
The Slovenian minister made the remarks in a meeting with Iranian Minister of Agriculture Jihad Mahmoud Hojjati in Tehran on Monday.
Economic relations between Iran and Slovenia are of prime importance, he said adding that presently representatives from 45 companies in the form of economic delegations are now visiting Iran to help upgrade level of economic relations between the two sides.
The Slovenian private sector is eager to invest in the Iranian agricultural sector and contribute to joint production, he said.
Two-third of Slovenia are convered by forests and grounds for expansion of agricultural cooperation between the two countries are well prepared, he said.
Iran and Slovenia are to sign two memoranda of understanding (MoU) in economy and energy sectors, he said.
He also invited the Iranian agriculture jihad minister to pay a visit to Slovenia to get acquainted with the country’s agricultural and processing industries.

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