Spokesman says US freed $100 billion of Iran assets

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Spokesman of the US State Department John Kirby said 100 billion dollar worth of Tehran’s assets have been freed so far.

According the State Department website, he said there is no difference in the figures announced by the two ministries of treasury and state regarding the figure.

Commenting on the same issue, the “Washington Free Beacon” said that “when a reporter asked if there was a “binding parameter of the nuclear accord,” which said that half of the money was unavailable, State Department spokesman John Kirby dodged the question and said Iran would only “have access” to $50 billion.”

“Our Treasury Department has done the analysis and has determined that … roughly half of the unfrozen assets are already spoken for and will be unavailable to them to use in manners in which they would choose,” the website cited Kirby as saying.

Kirby said that half of the $100 billion that Iran receives will go toward “international commitments” and “infrastructure requirements.”

“The amount of money, which is their money, that they would now have access to is just a little bit more than $50 billion, because the rest of it, nearly half of the entire freed-up assets … is already tied up in debts to the Chinese, or in other international commitments,” Kirby said.“Not to mention will be consumed by their own infrastructure requirements that lay before them.”

Kirby repeated that half of the money would not be available to Iran according to U.S. State Department and Treasury Department assessments.

“It’s their money that has now been unfrozen. It’s our assessment, and not just our assessment, but the Treasury Department’s assessment, that much of that is already spoken for,” Kirby said.

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