Total: Iran can be third major petchem producer

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Deputy Managing Director of Total SA of France Serge Lorek said on Wednesday that Iran can be the third petrochemical producer in light of its capacity.

Lorek made the remarks in the 2nd Iranian Petroleum and Energy Club Congress & Exhibition (IEPC 2016) in Tehran.

He said that currently Iranian reserves stood at the 8th rank in production of petrochemical products.

He said that extensive oil and gas resources, high technical know-how and educated workforce are capacities of Iran for growth and development.

‘Iran is now a major petrochemical producer.’

He said that successful management of the oil, gas, petrochemical and refining projects by Iranian engineers at the time of sanctions testifies high capability of Iranian companies.

Total SA of France official said development of the upstream reserves is a necessity for Iranian oil industry.

He emphasized competitive market for Iranian petrochemical feedstock.

He noted that access to the world’s latest technology, financing and lowering cost are among other exigencies of Iranian oil industry.

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