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Governor of Iran’s Day Bank Ali-Reza Atefifar said on Wednesday that his bank will expand banking relations with 100 foreign banks.

Atefifar told IRNA, ‘Thanks to measures adopted and the banking activities, good openings have been observed internationally, including forex activities of banks. Since start of this year (March 20), 384 LCs, worth $193 billion, and 3,553 drafts, worth more than one billion dollars, have opened in Day Bank.’
He said such a huge volume of forex activities marks an important achievement for Day Bank after elimination of harsh sanctions. ‘The noteworthy point is that up to so far, forex accounts have opened in 25 European and Asian banks and brokerage ties have been established with 75 banks. We are cooperating with 12 banks that fulfill all their forex activities through Day Bank.’
The Governor said the latest statistics of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) show that about 6.7 percent of all Iran’s forex activities are made through Day Bank.
The banker said as the CBI and Iranian banks are re-linked with SWIFT, transfer of resources between the legal and real foreign and Iranian entities is allowed and the partnership and relations between joint banking agencies of Iranian and foreign banks expanded.

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