World’s big containers dock at Rajaie Port again

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Container ships belonging to world’s second largest shipping line docked at Shahid Rajaie Port after six years, a local official said.

Director General of the provincial Ports and Maritime Organization Ehrahim Idani said that Switzerland’s MSC shipping line has returned to the port city.

He said the ship which has docked at the Persian Gulf port has a capacity of 1,162 TEU and has arrived Iran from Shanghai, China.

He said the shipping line is planning to have its containers at the Iranian port every week in future.

With the arrival of the Swiss container, the official added, the number of foreign shipping lines present in Shahid Rajaie Port is currently standing at 17.

He said the bonus being offered to foreign shipping lines like volume-based discounts, speedy loading and un-loading operations, providing fuel and foodstuff to big container ships are among the factors which attract foreign companies to Shahid Rajaie Port.

According to the official, about 700 thousand tons of goods have been transshipped from this port during eight months from the beginning of the current Iranian year (started March 21, 2015).

Shahid Rajaie Port is connected to more than 80 ports worldwide and the highest rate of cargo transit through the country and towards the Central Asia passes through this port.

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