Zarif: Iran market one of largest in region

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Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said here on Thursday that Iran’s market establishes one of the largest regional markets.

‘Because of its regional connections, Iran has successfully created a large market with around 400 million consumers,’ Zarif told a gathering of Iranian and Slovakian businessmen.

‘As a big member country of the European Union, Slovakia maintains a large economic growth,’ he said.

‘This is the same about Iran as the country also has a significant economic growth,’ the top diplomat said.

When the new government in Iran took office, it managed to increase the economic growth in the face of the Western-imposed sanctions which have been removed in the wake of the nuclear deal , Zarif said.

‘We achieved a great success,’ he added.

In spite of sanctions, we tried to manage our economy and we could decrease inflation from 45 percent to two-digit figure, the foreign minister said.

We expect our economic growth, once tended to be at minus 7 percent, to stand at around five percent, Zarif said.

The great achievement is going to take place in the year 2017, he said.

Zarif added that we are the only oil-producing country, which could withstand reduction of oil prices with no serious effect on the economy.

Iran is a high potential country, it has huge oil and gas resources and proficient human resources.

The Islamic Republic is a very secure country and owes this security to its people and not to foreigners, he said.

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