Envoy: Suitable atmosphere created for foreign investment in Iran

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Iranian Ambassador to France Ali Ahani underlined that a good conditions have been provided for investment and production in Iran and exporting the goods abroad.

“There is currently a suitable situation in Iran for the French companies to invest and produce in Iran for the consumption of domestic market and also for export to other countries,” Ahani said, addressing a roundtable titled ‘Iran, Suitable Time for Cooperation Now.

The Iranian ambassador pointed to President Hassan Rouhani’s visit to France in late January 2016 and signing of 35 cooperation pacts as a new chapter in the two countries’ relations.

Ahani also pointed to the recent visit of French environment minister to Tehran, and said, “Iran has a population of 80 million people and its market will give France access to the regional markets, trained workforce and presence of energy reserves, mines and raw material will attract the French companies’ attention to Iran’s economic priorities.”

The Iranian ambassador said that the two countries can cooperate in the field of oil and gas, nuclear energy, renewable energies, heavy and light industries, auto industry, agriculture and fishery, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, air transport, rail transport, road transport, sea transport, tourism, hotel industry, environment, water management and knowledge-based activities.

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