Iran safest, shortest way for optic fiber network

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Deputy Minister of Communications and head of the Information Technology Organization Nasrollah Jahangard said on Wednesday that Iran is the safest corridor for optic fiber network between the East and the West.

Jahangard told a group of government officials that Iran is a country lying from the East to the West, being the shortest and safest path for setting up optic fiber telecom network.
He said the unrest in the neighboring countries prompted international companies to set up the optic fiber networks on land from southern part of Iran to Europe.
He noted that about 34,000 megabits of data will reach Persian Gulf from oceans, reaching Europe through the Suez Canal.
‘We are to put entire provinces of the country under coverage of the optic fiber network and by end of 1396 (2017-18), nearly 65,000 kms of networks will be set up.’

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