MAPNA Group says US General Electric is customer of products

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Managing-Director of MAPNA Group Abbas Aliabadi said on Tuesday that the US General Electric is customer of its products indicating high standards of the products in international markets.

MAPNA Group is a group of Iranian companies involved in development and carrying out thermal and renewable power and oil and gas projects.
MAPNA is involved in implementing projects ranging from railway transport, manufacturing main equipment including gas and steam turbines, electrical generator, turbine blade and vane, HRSG and conventional boilers, electric and control systems, gas compressors, locomotive to other relevant equipment.
Referring to tough rivalry in electricity industry, Aliabadi said that merging big companies reveals the intensive competition.
The electricity industry is blossoming out and the major companies will never vanish from the international market, Aliabadi said.
He said that MPNA is a reputable company with trustworthy brand in the international market.
He predicted that the electricity industry will survive with reputable brands compared to the airplane manufacturing industry.
‘Today we see only two brands in airplane-manufacturing, the same thing will happen in electricity industry.’

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