Two Iranian firms atop Asian E-trade dealers

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Central Bank of Iran (CBI) announced that Iran’s Switch Shaparak and Chakavak are now at the top of best Asian electronic trade dealers.

The CBI has reported that the Switch Shaparak had ranked 1st as the best state trade dealers and Chakavak 3rd as a private sector e-trade dealer in the General Assembly of the AFACT.

In a part of the biennial gathering titled The Best Asian Electronic Trade Programs, Switch Shapark was among the top three and managed to gain the best firm’s title.

The AFACT meeting is inclusive of three working groups titled the Commerce and Trade Committee, the Committee to Support the Member States, and the Methodology and Technology Committee on the one hand and the biennial trade contest for best Asian electronic trade plans titled the e-Asia Awards.

The Asia Pacific Council for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (AFACT) is a non-governmental organization in which representatives and experts from member countries’ state and private sectors work to facilitate electronic trade in Asian and the Pacific region countries.

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