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Iran Tourism Market

International tourism has been increasing at about 15% each year for the last 2 years in Iran, bringing the total number of visitors just above 5 million per year and the number is expected to  be increasing 25%+ annually as the sanctions have just been lifted and the visa program has been eased (expected numbers are about 10-12 million by 2020).

With a population of about 80 million, the iranians are also well travelled internally. The exact number of domestic travelling is not available but an estimation of about 50 million travellers is being made annually.

Attractions: Historic sites (17 Unesco registered), ski, sandy beaches, bazaars & food.

The Problem

The booking systems are outdated for hotels, trains, flights and buses. Agencies are the primary  point of sales for domestic & international bookings.
It is a very old fashioned and extremely slow and time consuming process. Its also very problematic  and stressful during high season.

a) customers have to book directly from airlines, trains or hotels separately, going through a series of companies to compare or find a ticket and successfully booking.
b) Or go through an agency that has connections with a few hotels or sells chartered tickets.
c) Or fills up a webform in a startup booking website and waits to be called back (not real time). This is defeating the purpose of real price comparison and real time booking.

Our Solution:

We will be the provider of a platform which will allow customers to reserve hotels and tickets  online instantly both domestically and internationally in/to Iran (Similar to Expedia). We will also  be providing a booking system, which can be installed across mobiles, tablets and computers. Starting with hotels in phase 1 and then flights, trains & buses to overcome their outdated booking  system.

The Project Plan

Phase 1 (8-12 months): By the end of this phase, the hotels reservation element will be ready.
Phase 2 (6-9 months): includes flights bookings.
Phase 3 (6-9 months): Trains, Coaches.

Investment & the use of funds

A total of $4.5 million is needed for the business to be self sustaining and in profit by the end of  phase 3.

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