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Japanese officials in a meeting with Head of Tehran Chamber of Trade, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (TCTIMA) announced Tokyo’s enthusiasm for presence in Iranian automobile industry.

Japan’s Ambassador to Iran Hiroyasu Kobayashi and the Managing Director of Japan Foreign Trade Office JETRO Kimihiko Inaba made the proposal in a meeting with TCTIMA head, Masud Ansari.
Ansari highlighted the Iran-Japan ancient relations, arguing that although both countries’ relations have faced ups and downs, the Tehran-Tokyo ties were less affected by such disturbances.
He also expressed hope that in the aftermath of the JCPOA agreement with the world powers, the satisfactory Iran-Japan trade will return to its golden days.
The Japanese ambassador in the meeting said that the Iranian automobile industry has a high capacity, which due to the imposed sanctions was not fully materialized.
Ambassador Kobayashi also predicted that after the termination of the sanctions there will be a great revolution in the Iranian automobile industry and proposed that Iran’s great industrial potentials and good market both inside the country and in the region coupled with Japanese advanced technology will lead to the occurrence of the revolution.
The JETRO managing director, too, said that in his Iran visit he is after finding Iranian trade partners.
‘I believe the Iranian automobile industry will after the termination of sanctions move rapidly towards perfection and Japan can have a share in that beneficial trade,’ he said.

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