Algeria, Liberia keen on promoting scientific exchanges with Iran

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Algerian and Liberian higher education officials in South Korea on Tuesday underlined enhancement of scientific exchanges with Iran.

In a meeting with Iran’s Ministry of Science, Research and Technology senior official on the sidelines of the Summit of High-Ranking Policymakers of Innovation in Science and Technology in South Korea, advisor to Algerian minister of science and technology, Leila Harfoche underlined using the two countries’ capacities, especially in the fields of gas and gardening.
Referring to the history of good cooperation between Iran and Algeria, she recalled her country’s capacities in the fields of natural gas, gardening and tourism industry, saying that Algeria the second African state with largest oil reserves.
The Iranian official, Hassan Khosh-Qalb listed his country’s scientific and technological capabilities in the fields of oil, gas and petrochemical industry, saying that Iran ranks third in the world in terms of scientific products in chemistry engineering and seventh in polymer engineering.
Noting that Citrus Fruits Research Institute is one of the oldest research institutes in Iran which has conducted good research activities, he said that Iran is ready to transfer its experience to Algeria.
Meanwhile, Iranian delegation met with advisor to Liberian minister of science and technology, Sako Siron Dakali, who called for boosting mutual cooperation with Iran and using its scientific and technological experience.


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