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Senior Vice President for Business Development in French Prezioso Linjebygg company, Jean-Louis Chassagne, said on Friday that France is ready to transfer capital and invest in the Social Security Organization’s branches.

Speaking to Managing Director of the Social Security Organization, Seyed Taqi Nourbakhsh,
in Tehran on Friday, Chassagne said his company tries to facilitate investment in Iran and have close and dynamic cooperation with the Social Security Organization of Iran.
He said Iran is now a very strong and big market in the region and even all over the world.
He added that heavy sanctions has inflicted abundant pressure on Iran economy but eye-catching progress has taken place in the country compared to the past.
He noted that Iran has now experienced engineers and exceptional industries, managing to stand on its feet in the years of sanction.
He announced that his company is now active in investment in the oil and gas sectors and establishing oil platforms both onshore and offshore. The priority of
Prezioso Linjebygg company is educating and recruiting domestic forces in implementation of projects as it has similar expertise in various countries like Angola, South Africa and Mozambique.
Nourbakhsh said for his part that his Organization consists big economic sections. The Social Security Organization covers more than 40 million of Iranian population and its insurance system is based on the DB insurance advantages.
He added that the Organization produces 40 percent of the national need to medicine.

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