German firm contributes to 10th Iran Plast Exhibition

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The 10th Iran International Plast Exhibition plans to organize the event in cooperation with the German company Messe Musseldorf.

Director of the exhibition, Mohammad Maqareh told a news meeting on Tuesday that measures are underway to increase the number of foreign participants by 30 percent compared to the earlier edition.

Foreign companies from 14 countries participated in the previous exhibition, he said, contending that if the event gets wider international dimensions, it will help promote exchanges between Iran and other countries.

Foreign companies can register for participating in the event until February 19, Maqareh said.

German company Messe Musseldorf has undertaken the responsibility of attracting foreign firms, especially from Europe, to the exhibition, he said.

Over the 15,000 square meters out of total 25,000 square meters have been provided to the Iranian companies and the rest will be made available to the foreign firms, he said.

Meanwhile, a senior director of the German company said that so far companies from Russia, Germany, Austria, France and Turkey have voiced their readiness to take part in the upcoming exhibition.

The 10th Iran International Plast Exhibition will be held with the motto of ‘Global Business’ from April 13-17.

Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan and Pakistan are considered biggest markets for Iranian plastic industry and National Company of Petrochemical Industries plans to organize regional exhibition in these countries.

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