Iran, Azerbaijan Republic boost 75% of their non-oil exchanges

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 Azerbaijan Republic Ambassador to Tehran Bunyad Huseynov pointed to thegrowing trend of trade exchanges between the two neighboring states and said on Tuesday that over past four years non-oil exchanges between the two countries increased by 75 percent.

He made the remarks in meeting with East Azarbaijan Province Governor General Esmaeil Jabbarzadeh here on Tuesday.

Huseynov said while our trade exchanges with Iran increased, it was reduced by other neighboring states.

The ambassador said that Azeri people trust Iranian physicians and medicine and around one million Azeri tourists visit Iran each month.

Over past years, 5,000 trucks transit goods between the two countries, now it reaches to 15,000, Huseynov said.

He underlined the rise in economic exchanges between the two countries and said that Tabriz Bazaar is historical and world famous market and our country is ready to increase economic and commercial relations with Tabriz businessmen and set up Tabriz Bazaar in Baku.

He said by launching railways between the two countries, the possibility to export Iranian goods to Europe through the Republic of Azerbaijan Republic will be prepared.

Concerning several visits of presidents of the two countries in the past four years, Huseynov said the results of the meetings were activation of the private sectors.

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