Iran should boost cooperation with IMO: Baeedinejad

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Iranian Ambassador in the UK Hamid Baeedinejad said on Wednesday that Tehran is seeking to promote cooperation with the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

Baeedinejad made the remarks after he presented a copy of his credentials to IMO’s Secretary General Kitack Lim during a meeting late in the day.

He further noted that after years of limited relations with the international organization due to sanctions, now a new chapter has been opened for collaboration with the organization which will hopefully entail great achievements for the country.

‘Iran is among top 21 powerful marine countries in the world with a large volume of oil and cargo exchanges through sea routes,’ he said.

After removal of sanctions, Iran’s situation in the fields of shipping and marine has reached a desirable level, he said, noting that given its major capacities, Iran can have a powerful presence in the world’s seas.

As to his meeting with Lim, Iranian ambassador also said that the official confirmed Iran’s geopolitical situation is such that it can pave the way for promoting maritime cooperation between the country and other nations.

IMO is the UN specialized agency responsible for the safety of life at sea, maritime security and the protection of the marine environment through prevention of sea pollution caused by ships.

It is responsible for convening international conferences on shipping matters and for drafting international conventions or agreements on this subject.

The current emphasis is on ensuring relevant conventions and treaties are properly implemented by the countries that have accepted them.

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