Iran envoy urges joint investments between Iranian, French companies

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Iran’s ambassador to Paris has urged the need for technology transfer from France to Iran, as well as joint investment by French companies and their Iranian peers in the Islamic Republic.

“We, in Iran, similar to you in France, are obsessed with boosting our exports in order to decrease our dependence on oil revenues,” Ali Ahani said Friday in a forum hosted by the Arle exporters’ association as well as the region’s Chamber of Commerce and that of the CCI Nice Côte d’Azur in southern France.

Ahani recommended the French businessmen to visit Iran to assess the vast capacity for cooperation with the Islamic Republic and to engage with credible partners to make joint investments.

This way they can produce their goods in Iran using the relatively ample advantages, and export the surplus after meeting the local market needs, he added.

Chief of Arles region’s exporters association Francois Delueze described Iran as an “important market” that should be given attention in post-sanctions era.

According to Delueze the forum was aimed at examining implementation of joint cooperation plans between Iran and France and considering suggestions offered in this regard by the Iranian envoy, the Chambers of Commerce, foreign trade consultants and exporters association.

Meanwhile, French company Energy Makeen’s chief executive Josef Brun, referring to high investment risks in some countries, such as Saudi Arabia and Russia, said that the purpose of the forum is taking advantage of he big economic opportunities and capacities yielded by countries like Iran.

Some other issues, including exploring possible ways for French companies to engage with Iran’s market and removing problems and barriers ahead, were also addressed in the meeting.

The forum titled “Opportunities and Challenges of Iran’s Market”, attended by Saint-Rémy-de-Provence’ mayor Herve Cherubini and the businessmen of the region and was held in the City Hall on Friday.

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