Iran seeking to absorb investments for its energy sectors

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Iran’s Charged Affairs in London Mohammad Hassan Habibzadeh said Iran is seeking to absorb investments for its energy sectors.

Addressing “The Growing Economies Energy Forum” here on Thursday, he said Iran will be offering appropriate conditions to the investors interested in the area.

Noting that the Islamic Republic is planning to raise its economic growth rate to 6 percent in the next five years, he said that 115 major power plants with 660 units are active in the country in providing the power needed by industrial, household, business and agricultural sectors.

This means the country needs to increase its power generation capacity by 40 percent, he added.

The diplomat further noted that based on the six development plan visions, Iran is to increase its present installed power generation capacity of 75,000 MW to 1050 MW.

He said to achieve the goal; Iran is determined to make an investment of 50 billion dollars in the next seven years.

Habibzadeh further highlighted the great opportunities available in Iran’s renewable energy sectors and said that Iran, enjoying 300 sunny days in a year, is one of the best places for investments in such projects.

He said that at the present juncture, Iran is offering investment opportunities which could exist only once in a century.

The two-day conference opened in Wednesday with participation of representatives from Iran, Pakistan, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico.

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