Iranian engineering services ‘unrivaled’ in the region: Official

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The Vice President of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) said on Sunday that Iran’s engineering services hold a good record in quality, timing, and costs and one can say they are ‘unrivaled’.

The Vice President of ICCIMA Mohammadreza Ansari said, “Iranian companies were able to gain eye-catching achievements prior to the sanctions. We have about 650 issued warranties, which is a proof of success of Iranian engineers.”

Ansari also said, “What’s more, technology, from oil and petrochemical industry to bridge and road construction, has considerably developed in Iran in the past few years.”

He added, “Generally speaking, our engineering section has set good records in quality, timing, and, costs. We can compete globally especially in the costs and have good chances.”

Referring to China and Turkey as our main rivals, he said, “Luckily, as our engineers have worked with better quality than that of the Chinese and the Turks; we are more likely to succeed and I hope this will happen with more support from the government.”

He added Iran can increase the income earned through exporting engineering services from two to $ 25b in four or five years by activating the dormant capacity in this field.

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