Iranian, Russian provinces to expand economic ties

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Delegations from Russian Omsk province and Kohgiluyeh and Buyer-Ahmad agreed on Wednesday to expand economic relations.

Governor General of the Russian Omsk province Viktor Nazarov said that exchange of visits by officials and economic activists of the two provinces are expanding and Russia is ready to bolster ties with Iran.

He said that two economic delegations from Omsk province have visited Iran this year.

Minister of Economy of Omsk province Oxana Fadina said that the two provinces are willing to develop economic relations.

He said that trade between Omsk and Iran stood at 382,000 dollars over the past six months.

Fadina added that Omsk province is ready for cooperation and joint venture projects in the fields of petrochemical and oil with Kohgiluyeh & Buyer Ahmad province.

He said that there are grounds for cooperation on advanced technologies, hand-woven carpet, training courses, the wood and forest industries and health and medical treatment.

Minister of Agriculture and Food Industries of Omsk province Maxim Shokusouf said that Omsk is ready to import agricultural crops, vegetables and processed cereals from Kohgiluyeh & Buyer Ahmad.

He said that joint economic plans to develop cereals products and cereals silo as well as food products would be on agenda for cooperation.

Deputy Governor General for economic affairs Majid Mohanaei said that there are different economic capacities for cooperation between the two provinces.

He said that the province is rich for its botanical medicine as well as oil and gas resources.

The official said that Kohgiluyeh province is ready for joint venture projects with Russian province in the field of petrochemicals and completion of two petrochemical units in the province.

He said that the province has 10 percent of water resources of the country, so it is one of the areas for fish culture as well as creating gardens and construction of hydro-electric power plants.

The province has the potential capacity to export seven million roses, 2,000 tons summer crop and 11,000 tons trout fish to Russia annually.

Mohanaei said there are possibility to export cement and polyethylene pipes to Russia as well.

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