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Head of international committee of Confederation of Italian Industry Leica Matiuli said on Sunday that 90 percent of Iran’s industrial structures are combined by small and medium size companies, calling for cooperation in the field of small industries.

She made the remarks to a Conference on Iran-Italy Trade.
She said that trade between the two countries stood around two billion euros and expressed hope that it would increase in future.
Matiuli said that Iran is the 18th car manufacturer in the world and Italy is willing to see Iran a single digit rank car manufacturers.
She said that Italy has valuable experiences in the field of medical engineering, oil equipment, steel mills, hydro-electric power plants, stone and leather crafts which would be shared with Iran’s private sector.
Head of international department of Italian Banking Union Gounido Rosa said in the conference that in entrepreneurship cooperation between the two countries banks are playing the first roles.
Considering importance of the conference, representatives from 12 Italian accredited banks, which have 55 percent of Italian banking system in their hands are participating in the conference.
Our mission in this conference is to strengthen systematically banking relations between the two countries, he said, adding that Iranian and Italian banks would help facilitate interaction between trade companies of the two countries.
He added that Italy is the second industrial country in Europe and the seventh in the world and is trying to keep its production growth positive by help of European banks.
Iran-Italy Trade Conference was held in Tehran on Sunday morning in presence of Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh and economic and trade officials and businessmen from both countries.
Meanwhile, four cooperation agreements in the sectors of tourism and trade were signed between the two countries.
In the 2-day stay of Italian 360-member economic delegation to Tehran, different meetings will be held with businessmen of Iran’s private sector to develop trade ties.

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