Minister: Iran’s joining WTO, win-win business

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Industry, Mining and Trade Minister Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh described Iran’s joining the World Trade Organization as a win-win agreement and an important step towards creation of a real global organization.

‘Now that after intensive negotiations all misunderstandings of Iran’s nuclear activities has been removed, our next step will be to persuade economic cooperation and to become intermingled with the world economy and therefore joining WTO is Iran’s priority.

Iran is ready to join the World Trade Organization, he added.

In the post-nuclear deal situation, Iran is ready to pursue joining the WTO, the minister said.

He urged all WTO members to support Iran’s membership in the international body.

Iran is ready to kick off negotiations for joining the WTO, trade minister noted.

He said that Iran is keen to boost cooperation with the European Union and voiced hope that after removal of sanctions in the near future, Iran can promote ties with the world.

WTO members were urged at the opening session of the WTO’s Tenth Ministerial Conference in Nairobi on 15 December to crown a successful year of multilateral diplomacy by delivering on a package of trade deals that would benefit the world’s poorest and spur global economic growth.

Kenya hosted the first WTO ministerial conference on African soil. The meeting comes more than 20 years after the conclusion of the Marrakesh Agreement in Morocco which led to the creation of the WTO in January 1995.

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