Nahavandian: Iran cooperates with investing countries

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Presidential Chief of Staff Mohammad Nahavandian said on Thursday that the Islamic Republic of Iran is to broaden cooperation with those countries mind to do investment in Iran.

Nahavandian made the remarks in a meeting with UK Minister of Trade and Investment Lord Francis Maude, in London on Thursday.

Implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) has created suitable economic opportunity in Iran which should be seized, he said.

After removal of economic sanctions which inflicted loses on all sides, Iran is ready to broaden cooperation with all countries wishing to play roles in the country’s economy, Nahavandian said.

Iran has already defined policies to broaden economic cooperation with the countries seeking to invest in the country, Nahavandian said.

Iran’s economy has many potentials in different fields and grounds for huge investments in the country and in various sectors are well prepared, Nahavandian said.

Grounds for investment in energy, mines, automobiles and other sectors are well prepared, he said.

The UK minister, for his part expressed satisfaction over lift of economic sanctions and welcomed recent accords between the two countries in various economic fields.

London regards expansion of economic cooperation with Iran for its very special status and is to broaden such wide-scale cooperation in various fields.

London is ready to help Iran to join World Trade Organization (WTO) to speed up pace of economic cooperation between the two sides, said UK minister.

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