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Officials in Tehran said on Wednesday that Microsoft as well as several other leading US tech enterprises are preparing to enter the Iranian market in the near future.

The announcement was made by Rouhollah Estiri, the director general for international business affairs of the Directorate for Science and Technology Affairs of Iran’s Presidential Office.

Estiri said Microsoft and other US companies have picked their local partners but still have to address certain issues before entering Iran “given that they are American enterprises”.

“Microsoft is expected to take certain measures over the next month [with regards to investing in Iran],” he said.

“Such companies can only operate in Iran if they transfer their technology [to Iranian firms],” IRNA quoted the official as saying.

Estiri further said Microsoft had told Iranian officials that it is currently involved in business with Pakistani companies by granting them licenses for their domestic products and that it has called for a similar business with Iranians.

Reports emerged in Iran’s media in September that Microsoft has opened shops in Iran in what was interpreted as the start of the business activities of the global tech giant in the Islamic Republic.

Estiri further emphasized that apart from Microsoft, other US tech giants like Oracle, IBM and Gemalto have also held extensive discussions to enter the Iranian market.

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