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Deputy Head of Renewable Energy Organization of Iran Jaafar Mohammadnejad said on Tuesday that upon the Five-Year Economic, Social and Cultural Development Plan, Iran will produce 5,000 megawatts renewable energy in the next five years.

He made the remarks in inauguration ceremony for commissioning six solar power stations with capacity of totally 60 megawatts.
Upon new approach of Energy Ministry, purchasing price guaranteed for renewable electricity is very attractive and foreign investors consider it as one of the best prices in the world, he said.
He said that generating one megawatt solar energy will create job for 5 and half persons directly and indirectly and this type of energy will has noticeable effect to remedy environmental degradation and save water consumption.
Mohammadnejad said that currently Iran has the potential for generating 30,000 megawatts renewable electricity by wind power.
He said that provinces of Kerman, Yazd and central part of Iran are among the most noticeable regions for investment in supplying renewable electricity.
The official said that it is possible to use photovoltaic systems to generate necessary energy as well as generating income for different regions of the country.
Kerman province by having 320 sunny day annually and adequate wind in many regions has appropriate situation for generating solar and wind energies.

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