Sweden welcomes cooperation with Iran in road safety, transportation renovation

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Asghar Fakhrieh Kashan, deputy minister for international affairs at the Ministry of Transportation and Urban Development, said on Monday that Sweden has welcomed cooperation with Iran in providing road safety and renovation of road transportation.

Kashan said the Swedish party had made a set of proposals for renovation of Iran’s road transportation fleet and cooperation in road safety, welcoming contribution to implementation of speed train projects and electrifying Iran railways.
He said the Swedish six-member delegation, headed by Oscar Stenström, State Secretary to the Minister for Enterprise and Innovation, had made their proposal for cooperation so as to get informed of Iranian party’s viewpoints.
He said proposals on implementation of railway projects such as speed trains projects, electrifying railways and meeting electric equipment, especially railway signs and communications, were offered to the Swedish party and they welcomed the idea and the two sides are to launch cooperation in the said domains.
He said another subject is safety of road transportation in Sweden, where traffic incidents in Swedish roads, has lowered by one fifth compared to the past 15 years and annually, about 260 people are killed in Swedish roads.
He said road fatalities in Iran are high and the Swedish party is to offer its proposal on road safety to Iranian Roads and Urban Development Ministry for necessary investigation by the Organization of Road Maintenance and Road Transportation.
Kashan said replacement and renovation of Iran’s road transportation fleet was among other subjects discussed with the Swedish party and the latter voiced its readiness to produce lorries and buses in Iran.
He said the Swedish companies of Volvo and Scania were informed that it is mandatory to produce buses and lorries in Iran and the two Swedish parties are in talks with related Iranian auto manufacturing companies.

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